Organizational Readiness
Consultant Job Description

If your organization is struggling to connect the dots and find resources to support growth that will increase your readiness for participating in skills-based volunteering, it might be helpful to enlist the support of an outside consultant. This individual can conduct a deeper, objective assessment of your organization’s needs and provide recommendations for increasing your organizational readiness.

This individual may be someone within your existing networks or new to your organization. The following job description suggests experience, qualifications and skills you might want to look for when selecting this individual.

Role Description

Organizational Readiness Consultant

Position Summary

The Organizational Readiness Consultant will conduct a holistic assessment of the organization, with the goal of understanding readiness to benefit from skills-based volunteer engagement. This individual will work closely with the organization’s leadership and staff to learn about key readiness indicators, including the goals and strategy, program delivery and evaluation, leadership and decision-making, relationship-building and volunteer management, and commitment to capacity-building endeavors. The Organizational Readiness Consultant will advise on next steps needed to prepare for a successful skills-based volunteering experience.


  • Understand the organization’s vision, mission, strategy and goals
  • Ask the right questions to the organization and its management in order to understand readiness for participating in a skills-based volunteering engagement.
  • Analyze the answers and advise on any next steps needed for successful pro bono, considering the information gathered across the following dimensions.
    • The organization’s market, positioning, strengths and weaknesses
    • The financial health of the organization
    • The commitment from management, board members and staff to engage in and allocate resources to skills-based volunteering and capacity-building
    • The current processes in place for managing volunteers or any other external partners who routinely interact with the organization’s service delivery
    • The results, impacts and lessons learned from any previous volunteering engagements
    • The organization’s current stability and overall capacity to manage external resources within the context of a skills-based volunteering engagement

Qualifications and Required Skills

  • Three or more years of external or internal consultant experience
  • Active listening and analytical skills
  • Business strategy and management experience or knowledge
  • Volunteering experience in a pro bono consulting role is a plus

Skills and Competencies the Consultant Will Develop

  • Knowledge of the social sector and its constraints, challenges, and opportunities
  • Knowledge of volunteer management
  • Consulting experience in a new working environment with limited resources
  • Leadership